Who we are

Who are we?

Green Orientation is an online shopping website that supplies biodegradable and compostable products made from PLA, bio-based, and corn starch raw materials. Come and choose degradable and compostable products you need such as courier bags, garbage bags, lunch boxes, cups, fresh-keeping bags, kids' tablewares, and phone cases, etc.

What is biodegradable and compostable material?​

Biodegradable and compostable material is made from plants, it helps use less energy and creates fewer greenhouse gas emissions, and is certified to break down in commercial composting facilities in 3-6 months. Natural raw materials are adopted such as corn starch and fully biodegradable resin, which can be completely degraded in some time and no harm to the environment. Compostable packaging products which are made from natural renewable plant-based materials such as wheat fiber, corn, and sugarcane have vast environmental, sociological, and ecological benefits due to the natural breakdown of organic waste into soil. With fewer resources are used and less pollution is produced during manufacture.

Why choose us?​

“Sustainable” is the concept we talk about nowadays, eco-friendly products are more and more vital for everyone who lives on the earth. Normal plastic application is not suitable for the health of the ecosystem. We have to change, thus compostable packaging products use are necessary. Giving our earth a better green and healthy environment is our duty. Green.com wants to try our best to supply premium biodegradable and compostable products to our customers who care about ecology and promote a healthier lifestyle. Let's work together to make this world better.​

Our values

We care

We care about the plant our only home

We action

We take actions to tackle the climate crisis.​

We are optimism​

Work together, we are optimized that the future will a sustainable one.

Meet The Team

We've come a long to create a better future together.



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